About Inspector

The Gift of Internet Visibility

The Internet has been a gift to humanity, connecting people around the world. Open Gift Software empowers business owners, execs, system admins and HR professionals to enjoy a consistent and accurate understanding into how an organization uses this gift as a global communications tool. It's an automated report process that removes the effort, technical resources and normal licensing costs associated with IT system management that helps ensure workers and IT investments are productive and compliant.

Information Is A Gift

Inspector, Open Gift Software, shows what's happening on the network and Internet. It's the look under the hood that most people never get to see and understand, let alone IT professionals, that clearly explains how this global resource is leveraged, both good and bad.

  • Businesses, organizations, institutions and government agencies of all kinds have used Inspector, from very large networks with 1,000s of users to networks of only a few people.

The Gift Economy

As an early Internet innovator with the founding of Purview Technologies and Internet Manager software, we're now introducing a new way to deliver value. Our value proposition is simple: we're giving our software away as a gift. You gift in return what you think is a fair value for our work be it in the form of money, customer referrals or some other kind of goodwill. This is an unrestricted permanent commercial license for Inspector Software (Open Gift Software).


Examine internet usage via the interactive user interface.  Click thumbnails for full-screen images.  Hover over full-screen image for info.   

Sample Reports

Inspector generates executive reports showing user productivity and operational status. These can be used to educate & align user behavior with policy, document corporate compliance efforts and to better inform management decisions. Click on the sample reports below for details.

          Email Report

          Email Report

          Firewall Report

          Firewall Report

          Passive Penetration Report

          Passive Penetration Report

          Web Use Report

          Web Use Report

 About the Gifting Economy

I'm giving Inspector Software away as a gift. This is a permanent commercial software license used to monitor, report on and manage computer networks and Internet operations for organizations with a few to thousands of users. You gift in return or pay what you think its worth. It's that simple.

Inspector provides a transparent view into how the computer network and Internet operations are used and perform. Reports identify & rank which users, applications and activities have the biggest impact on operations. It's been used by every level of management, for every kind of organization large and small, to get improved results from and to protect their workers and technology investments.

If your organizations uses the Internet, you can benefit from using Inspector.

Use Inspector to identify:

  • Bandwidth consumption
  • Causes of slow network response
  • Web surfing abuses
  • Inappropriate content
  • Policy compliance
  • Firewall effectiveness
  • Lost productivity

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